Check Your Credit Score!

Before starting your home buying process, it’s very important to know where you stand in terms of your credit score. So, every new homebuyer should start this process by checking their credit score; the better your credit score, the better the loan!

Meet with a Mortgage Specialist & Get Preapproved for a Loan!

Satisfied with your credit score? Then it’s time to meet with a mortgage specialist in order to get preapproval for a loan on your desired home! In getting preapproval, you are receiving a written promise by a mortgage broker, a bank, or a lender that grants you a loan up to a certain amount. This preapproval process also gives you more power than any other buyer who is only prequalified rather than preapproved!

Learn More About the Local Neighborhoods in Decatur!

If you are a first time homebuyer, make sure to explore the local neighborhoods in Decatur. Whether you’re searching for a family community, a country setting, or something closer to downtown there’s something that we have to offer for every buyer!

Identify What You Want vs. What You Need!

We want to help you get into a perfect home for a perfect price. We suggest sitting down and thinking about this in depth—perhaps make a list even! In knowing the difference between what you want and what you actually need will help you compromise in order to stay on budget.